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DO NOT CONTACT DRIVER - Contact your Bus Tour or Tour guide to visit these memorable places.

Time Square, New York City, New York

  Niagara Falls, Ontario

Montreal, Quebec

Cosmodome   Music Festival


  Vancouver, British Columbia

Washington, District Columbia

  CN Tower, Toronto

Ottawa, Ontario

Tulip   Museum   Rideau Hall

War museum    Civilization museum


PEI, New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Boston, Massachussett

  CNE Expo, Toronto

Ville Quebec, Quebec


Amish Village Lancaster, PA Amish,

Amish "Sight Seeing" bible, Lancaster, PA

Hershey's Chocolate Center, Hershey,PA


Casino Rama 1 day

Gold. Platinum, Diamond (FREE ride) Red:$10 R/T. No card: $30


Rome City, UTICA NY

  Casino Niagara 1 day      
OFF 80% *Duty Free* Niagara falls, NY  

Niagara Winery 1 day

Table Rock, Falls Boat, Skylon, Imax, Helicopter, Jet Boat, Wine Testing,


Algonquin Park

Johnny Lake Canoe, Hike Trail, Piomeer Camp.



Algonquin Park,

Outlook tower, Boat, Museum, Visitor Park centre,




Package (1 day) Wonderland Mediaval Times(diner)

Package (1day) Marine Land

Mediaval Times (diner)


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